Wednesday, March 20, 2013

In with the new

I have resigned from my current job,  the position is advertised here.  (There are two jobs - an MYP/DP teacher librarian and a library manager). This is the second time I have resigned from a full time job in my life that was not prompted by life events such as moving house or starting a family. It is the first time I have moved into a new job straight away.

It is interesting going through the feelings of separation. I had to give 6 months notice, I have 3 months to go. I have gone through the questioning of have I done the right thing, is it truly time for me to move on and I have come to terms with not planning for next year in this school and library, although there is still a small amount of planning to be done.

This job has been a major life event and a more than full time job as I set the library up from literally nothing to becoming the major hub of the school over 5 years. I have been able to do so many things which I had only dreamed of doing as a fresh TL just 12 years ago, and I know I have made a difference to many children and adults whether it be to find just the right book for them, a listening ear, help plan a unit of work, offer a new tool to make life easier or just to give a smile and hello.

Looking back over the Library Grits blog as a record of what our team has achieved and where our thinking has come from, I can truly say we have achieved a lot in this short amount of time. Another blog you may want to look at is Fresh Baked Library where I documented setting up the library from almost scratch over the first 6 months. I will be rereading Fresh baked Library to relive the fatigue, pain and then the absolute joy of the first class using the library after 23 days of working our butts off to get it ready for the new school year.

I leave the school happy with the knowledge that I contributed in many ways to build something from nothing that is thriving with a fantastic team of educators. I have done my bit now it is time to move on. It is time for someone (or two) to come in with fresh ideas and perspective to take the facility and the programe to the next level.

In the next three months I will go through the process of packing my stuff up, closing projects off, ensuring enough information is left so the incoming person/s have enough to start with their own ideas and projects. It will be bittersweet as I leave this part of my life, but I look forward to moving to a bigger team at a much bigger school, with much less of a commute from home and new projects to start and be part of!

I need to send a big shout out to the Library team I have had the privilege to work with over the years of being here - Leanne, Connie, Maura, Rebecca, Helen (current staff) Annie, Kellie, Rosanna, Claire, Mona, Angela, Stephanie, Monique and Amy. Everyone of you has made a major contribution to the success of the library in the school. Thank you for supporting my crazy ideas and bringing them to fruition!

I am now looking forward to a major shift in my focus which will be on the teaching and learning, collaborating and working with the units of work supporting students with inquiry and learning in the IB Middle Years Programme. I will be moving to Renaissance College in Hong Kong and will keep the blog going through my learning journey.

(I will be blogging for the rest of this year too!)


Sarah Ducharme said...

Best of luck in your new position. I will look forward to following your journey there!

Dianne said...

Thanks Sarah

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your new job. You will love it. You will be a great addition to the new team and I am sure your new journey will also be fantastic - just as your current one has been!
I look forward to following you once again!
Best of luck.