Sunday, December 15, 2013

The C.R.A.P. test rubric

Information  evaluation rubric - click to make larger.

A few people have expressed interest in the CRAP test I work through with students on evaluating information, so here it is.

CRAP stands for Currency, Reliability, Authority and Purpose/Point of view and if the source is not strong in any of these areas, it could well be a 'crap' source. It is not a new acronym for evaluating information, and I didn't create it, but I have adopted it and teach it in the middle years and above. The students respond to it and remember the acronym

I felt the standard level of what constituted each letter a needed a bit more explanation and break down, so a number of years ago I created a rubric for the students to assess the information source based on predetermined criteria. When a class works through the rubric using different information sources (internet, databases, books, newspapers etc), we decide what the lowest number we would accept for the information source. Full marks are 20, with most classes accepting 16 or above as a reasonable limit.

After working with the designed rubric a few times, I felt the information needs of the student also needed to be addressed through the rubric. I added some criteria on relevancy and appropriateness for the students to contemplate before using the source, adding the letters R, A to the acronym. This adds another, more personal layer to the students information requirements.

Have you created something similar?

PDF version of the Rubric 

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Jeff Pierce said...

It's great to see that other teachers use this mnemonic! I didn't come up with it either but we use it at HKIS and I shared about it at the recent 21CLHK conference. Here are some of our resources / examples, and a rubric as well.

Carolina Fraga said...

Hi Dianne,
Just to letting you know that I love your blog! I'm a librarian from Brasil!
Congrats for the good material you post here!

Dianne said...

Thanks Jeff and Carolina for your comments. It is always nice to know people read and like what I share. Thanks Jeff for the link to your resource page.

Encyclopedia of Law said...

We use a similar CRAP tool to evaluate the entries in the Encyclopedia of Law.