Saturday, June 14, 2014

Our reading trends

Reading together, Istanbul - Photo by Dianne McKenzie

Last post I reported about the reading trends survey we conducted in our international secondary school. You can find the results below or at this link on on Issuu.

What we have done with these results is to send the report to the school executive, and shared with the teaching staff, particularly with the English department. We then published the link in our school newsletter and on the our library facebook page for the wider community to review the results.

There were some slight problems with the survey- one question had a technical glitch and I think we could have have asked a few more specific questions to truly be able to be comparative to the other reading trends surveys. I outlined these problems in the report and will work on creating a better measure next time.

The report has given us some interesting data to work with - including what ebook devices are being used, who has the most influence on what is read, where they obtain their reading material and how much time they are spending reading, which may not necessarily be reading for pleasure, but, it is still reading. A phenonema we are seeing more of is the reading of fan fiction and reading and writing on Wattpad by our secondary students. 

I would appreciate any comments or feedback you might have about this project.

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